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Our sensory rice pouches can be used as an addition to our Sensory Activity Kits or as a base for your own (almost mess-free) sensory play. Pour the contents into tray! Add your bugs, flowers, animals, see creatures, dinosaurs and more! The possibilities are endless!


Idea: Use our Swamp pouch with pretend frogs and lilly pads to teach your tot the life cycle of a frog in your sensory tray! 


Whether it's sorting, pouring, scooping, or simply running their tiny fingers through the grains, our colourful Sensory Rice provides endless opportunities for imaginative play and early learning.

Sensory Rice: Swamp


Sensory Base Bundle

  • Contains: Rice, Food Colouring.

    Net weight 300grams.

  • The sensory rice should be stored in an airtight container when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place.

    Sensory rice is coloured with food colouring, which may transfer to hands/trays etc. This should be easily removed with soap and water, however keep away from soft furnishings. Do not get wet as the colours may run and stain.


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