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How About a ForestTots Party?

Why choose ForestTots for your tot's special day?


Sensory Play is Super Fun!

With a variety of textures and materials, ForestTots is a great way to encourage creativity and imagination while promoting sensory development.


Tried & Tested Activities

We're proud to say that our activities have been tried and tested, not just by own daughter, but also at our monthly themed sessions. You can trust that your child will have a great time partying with us.


Works in a Variety of Settings

Our birthday party sessions can work in a variety of settings: from church halls and venues to homes and gardens! 


Unique Themes

We can completely cater to your theme! We have created a spaghetti bear for Teddie's birthday, we've created a duck pond activity for Daisy's party, and we've even invented a digger activity for a construction-themed party! Let us know if you have anything in mind as we love to get creative.



Our packages start from £140, and we make a perfect accompaniment to softplay or a children's entertainer.

Want more information?

For our price list, please fill out your details below. If you have any question feel free to drop us an email or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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