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Spring Tuff Tray Activity Ideas

Updated: Apr 22

Spring is... springing! It's a wonderful time to get your tuff trays out and do some activities with your tot. Whether it's raining outside or gloriously sunny, these activity ideas can be done indoors or out. They have been tried and tested at our ForestTots Celebrate Spring event in March, and trust us: the tots love them! Here we go:

flower threading
  1. Flower Threading! Grab some wood or cardboard and draw a vase on it, then poke/drill some holes in it. Buy some beautiful spring flowers (or use the old Mothers Day flowers that are getting old) and let your tot thread the stems and create a lovely new bunch! You could also use elastic bands round a board and your tot can create their own arrangement. This activity is amazing for fine motor skills, and you can teach them what Spring is all about... New life!

Spring sensory dough

2. Sensory Dough! A new item on our shop due to the popularity of this activity - Spring Sensory Dough! Our product comes with a box of beautifully smelling blossoms. At our Spring Session, we put out herbs and petals for the tots to experiment with. The dough already smelled amazing, and the tots had a great time creating new recipes... and adults will too!

Spring sensory dough

3. Egg Design! A simple but really popular one is grabbing an egg colour in over at - and let them get creative with glitter, colouring pens, pencils, crayons...

Tip: It's also pretty therapeutic for adults too!

carrot potting

4. Carrot Digging! We used black rice and wooden carrots to recreate gardening for the tots! They loved using the scoops to dig through the rice, add them to the little silicon plant pots and pull the carrots.

This will be our next kit, coming very soon!

Message us to get one ahead of general release!

At our event, we added a bunny for the tots to feed after too!

sensory eggs

5. Sensory Eggs! These sensory eggs from Yellow Door are so lovely, and you can create a nest for your tot to explore and shake them. Throw in some fluffy chicks for added immersive play!

We had a lot of fun with our Celebrate Spring event, and we hope these Spring tuff tray activity ideas are useful to you... let us know! Tag us in your springtime home creations and we could add it to the blog to inspire others!

Happy Easter!


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