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Earth Day Activity Ideas for Toddlers

Happy Earth Day! At ForestTots, every activity we provide could be an amazing opportunity to celebrate Earth Day with your toddlers... but we've narrowed it down to four which are original, tried and tested. Let us know what you think!

Fish & Sea kit
  1. Beach CleanUp! We used our Fish & Sea Activity Kit in a tuff tray and scrunched up some wrappers, foil, paper, whatever you've got that recently encased a snack, and popped it on the sandy/sea playscape. Then, teach your tot to pick up all the micro-litter and pop it in a mini-recycling bin. Teach your tot the dangers of litter to sea life. You could even wrap some of the ForestTots sea creatures in the wrappers, and let your tot set them free! We sell our Fish & Sea kits here, and also Sand Rice refills and Coral Pasta pouches here.

Bugs & Mud kit

2. Bugs & Mud! This can be done indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather! Setting aside a small outside space and popping some small wooden logs down creates hidey-holes for real bugs, or lots of bamboo sticks bunched together with an elastic band to create a little bee hotel. These are fun to set up with your tot, then repeated fun every time your outside to bug-hunt! We also sell our Bugs & Mud kit here where you can recreate hidden bug hunting fun on the tuff tray!

Nature Collage and Bracelet

3. Nature Collage! We wrapped our daughter's wrist with some brown paper tape (backwards, so it's sticky-side up) recently, and went foraging in the woods! Any flowers, leaves, twigs or stones that she liked the look of got stuck on her wrist. When home, you could get the tuff tray out and create a collage of all the nature they'd seen today!

She found loads of dandelions, fallen petals from flowers, leaves and blossom.

The collage tells a little story of the day!

carrot potting

4. Carrot Digging! We used black rice and wooden carrots to recreate gardening for the tots! They loved using the scoops to dig through the rice, add them to the little silicon plant pots and pull the carrots.

This will be our next kit, coming very soon!

Message us to get one ahead of general release!

At our Springtime event, we added a bunny for the tots to feed after too!

It's a really good time of year to start planting for real with your tot! Get some old plant pots and real soil, and try planting real carrots, sunflowers, lettuce, pea shoots or (the classic) cress!

These Earth Day ideas can be really fun and engaging for you and your tot, they are also incredibly educational and fulfilling. They don't have to cost much! Get involved, and send us your pics, we'd love to see your ideas!

Happy Earth Day!


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