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4 Toddler Tuff Tray Ideas for October

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

It's well and truly Autumn! It's time to get those tuff trays indoors, and the pumpkins on display. ForestTots has devised a list of 4 nature-themed tuff tray ideas that you can do with your toddler in the run up to Halloween! That's one for each weekend in October... Let's go!

A Bear Hunt Activity
Bear Hunt!
  1. Bear Hunt - After the success of our Bear Hunt session back in September, we tried out a Bear Hunt tray at a birthday party recently!

Supermarket-bought chives make the swishy swashy grass, blue sensory rice (you can buy here!) makes the river, sensory mud dough makes the squelchy mud, and either crushed ice or make your own by mixing hair conditioner and baking soda!

A Fairy Forest Activity
Fairy Forest!

2. Fairy Forest - You can really go to town on this one with things you can find on the autumnal floor! This activity was super-popular with the tots at our Secret Garden event, it's great for role play! You can use crushed wheat biscuits, or pretend mud (you can buy here!) as a base: Then just throw on twigs, conkers, pine cones, leaves... anything autumnal! If you have them, some wooden woodland animals and huts for them to live will bring it alive!

A Potions Activity

3. Potions! - A fantastic activity to get your little witch or wizard ready for Halloween! Grab some bottles, pots, cups, containers: add some herbs and loose-leaf teas, and abracadabra! You have all the ingredients for your tots to concoct their own potions. Toddler safe scissors and a mortar and pestle are a nice touch. If you're feeling experimental, fill the pots with baking soda and vinegar, let your tot mix them together and... iggety ziggety zaggety zoom! Watch it fizz! We will be showcasing a potions activity at our Pumpkins & Potions event.

A Pumpkin Activity

4. Pumpkins! - Grab a pumpkin and carve it open, scoop it out with your tot for ultimate messy play! Once you're done, you could grab some ForestTots Pumpkin Sensory rice (we sell that here!) and refill and have some (slightly less messy) fun!

Happy Halloween!


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